Compare credits

Compare credits

Compare loans – before you take a loan, a comparison of bank conditions is mandatory. With a loan of 20.000 Euro you can quickly 1.000 euros and more can be saved if you choose the right bank and interest conditions.

Compare loans – secure the low interest rates now!

Interest rates on loans have reached a historic low and are expected to remain low for the next few years. The most popular form of credit is still the car loan. Interest rates on this loan have fallen dramatically in recent years. A study from 2016 showed that consumers are not tempted to consume more on credit despite low interest rates.

Loans compare – better conditions than with your house bank!

It is also astonishing that the loans are usually serviced without any problems. The default rate is only two percent – around 98 percent of all loans are properly repaid. It is also worth noting that the classic house bank for many prospective borrowers is no longer the first point of contact – the business is rather the specialized credit banks, which can sometimes offer better interest rates.

Compare loans – with the help of the Internet!

Almost half of all loans are now concluded through such credit specialists – ten years ago it was just a quarter. In addition it comes that according to information of the bank professional association meanwhile approximately each fourth credit is requested and locked over Internet. This is certainly also connected with the extensive advertising campaigns on television and other media.

Despite the low interest rates, even small differences in interest rates can mean that you have to pay back more money depending on the amount of the installment loan at some banks. An online loan comparison is therefore particularly advantageous for people who want to save money.

Compare loans – with the following free loan calculator!

Particularly favorable loans can be found in the following loan calculator, as exclusive special interest rates are offered there, which you will not find at your bank. Also important are the reviews of customers and the test reports of independent examiners, which you can also see there. So you also find out whether there are hidden additional costs with the loan providers.

Before you apply for a loan, a comparison of offers is mandatory. With a loan of 20.000 euros you can quickly 1.000 euros and more if you choose the right bank and interest rate conditions. Use the loan comparison calculator below to secure low-cost financing.

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