Credit without schufa – what you should absolutely pay attention to

There are times when it is simply imperative to take out a loan. For example, you may have an unbeatable offer for a home of your own, or your car may be defective and it is no longer worth repairing it, so you urgently need to buy a new one. However, such unforeseen things are not always included in the budget, so that a loan is unavoidable. However, not every consumer has it easy to apply for a loan. Because Schufa in particular can quickly put a stop to this if problems have arisen at some point. Who has a bad Schufa score, will also have big problems with lending. Therefore, there are loans without Schufa, where you can take a loan even with a negative credit rating. However, there are great dangers lurking here. We would like to point these out to you in this guide, so that you know exactly what to look for in a loan without Schufa.

What exactly is a loan without Schufa?

As the name suggests, a loan without Schufa is a loan where no information from Schufa is obtained. The means that your Schufa score does not matter. However, the bank that offers you a loan without Schufa still calculates some kind of score. This takes into account the proof of income or rental income. If you have negative entries with Schufa, they are not calculated, because here is no data exchange between lender and Schufa.

Who can get a loan without Schufa?

Basically, anyone can apply for a loan without Schufa, if an employment relationship is proven. Unemployed and pensioners fall out of this principle. At the same time, it is not exactly easy for freelancers and the self-employed to obtain a loan without a credit report. This is because this group of people has a very irregular income and therefore poses a risk to banks. Only lawyers and doctors are exempt from this rule, as they can usually prove a secure income.

Is a loan without Schufa worth it?

A loan without information of the Schufa is not interesting for everyone, because the conditions are usually not attractive. Since lenders must expect higher risks, this is also reflected in the conditions. Therefore, normal loans are usually a better solution. Basically, a loan without Schufa only makes sense if you have no other option, because your credit rating is weak. But just then you should question whether exactly this is not a reason to do without the loan.

Especially if the weak credit rating comes from the past and has nothing to do with your current situation, such a loan can be useful. However, it is important to have enough collateral up your sleeve to avoid getting into trouble again. If you wish to redeem or reschedule loans, a loan without Schufa is not worthwhile. The risk of over-indebtedness then increases even higher and in addition you usually also get bad conditions, so that a loan without Schufa information is not worth it.

These are the risks of loans without Schufa

Credit without Schufa - what you should definitely pay attention to

There are two main criteria that you must pay attention to when taking out a loan without Schufa. On the one hand, unfortunately, dubious providers have also cheated their way onto the market to deceive consumers in their time of need. On the other hand, over-indebtedness is often the problem with a loan without Schufa. Therefore, you should really consider whether it makes sense to take out such a loan. Because not only the conditions are particularly bad, but also the risk of not being able to repay the loan increases.

How to recognize reputable providers

You can recognize dubious providers by the fact that they usually require an advance payment, which is often in the four-digit range. With a reputable provider you will never have to make an advance payment!

Furthermore, collateral must always be presented in the case of a loan. Providers who tell you this is not necessary are usually not reputable. A loan without Schufa is even checked very thoroughly to exclude any possible risks. The same also applies to the conclusion of double contracts. This means that dubious providers often still impose insurance on you. And with it imposing is also really meant. Banks also often try to sell you an insurance policy. When denying, however, do not push further. Dubious providers use various aspects to pressure the borrower into taking out these insurances and not infrequently become displeased if the borrower does not wish to do so. In addition, such insurance makes the loan even more expensive.

You should also become alert if

  • the use of data for advertising purposes cannot be ruled out
  • Salary assignments are required
  • Contract documents may only be accepted on a cash-on-delivery basis
  • the provider talks about a financing offer and not a loan

Moreover, reputable providers always cooperate with reputable and well-known banks. A few years ago, these were exclusively Swiss banks, which is why loans without Schufa were also known as "Swiss credit". Of course, even today there are banks from abroad that cooperate with credit providers. The most important thing here is that it is a well-known and reputable bank.

Caution with personal loans

Unfortunately, there are other frauds as well. Especially when there is no bank involved. There are numerous private lenders – unfortunately, scammers have also spread on the market here. Therefore, we can only recommend that, in the case of loans without Schufa, you rely on providers that have a reputable and well-known bank in the background.

Risk of overindebtedness

Overindebtedness is another risk that arises with loans without Schufa. Even if Schufa is not very popular, it is a kind of control mechanism and protects you yourself, so that you can not get into too much debt. All available data is used to determine whether a consumer is creditworthy or not. If Schufa is convinced that you are not creditworthy, there is usually a reason for this. Because just the negative Schufa entries do not arise by themselves.

Therefore, it is of course important that you first consider why your Schufa score is so bad. Perhaps the problem from back then has also long since been resolved and, as is often the case in life, the bank or the creditor concerned has forgotten to have the entry deleted. You can quickly check this with a self-disclosure at Schufa and, if necessary, take action against it. Because just who is in a difficult financial situation, should consider well whether a credit without Schufa is really meaningful or even the overindebtedness still promotes.

Advantages and disadvantages of loans without Schufa

Who wants to take out a loan without Schufa, usually has reasons for it. Nevertheless, you should be aware of the advantages and disadvantages so that you know exactly what to expect.

Advantages of a loan without Schufa information

There are actually also some advantages if you want to take out a loan without Schufa. We would not like to withhold these from you of course. The advantages with a loan without Schufa are among others:

  • Schufa receives no information about the new loan
  • your negative Schufa entries remain hidden
  • the settlement is possible on request even anonymously
  • there is no need to specify a purpose

Furthermore, you have a high household income partly even interest rate advantages.

Disadvantages of a loan without Schufa

Where there are advantages, there are of course also disadvantages. We have summarized the most important disadvantages for you here:

the risk of over-indebtedness is very high

Interest and fees are particularly high for loans without Schufa

There are some dubious providers

the terms and repayment periods are usually very short

often only small or medium loan amounts can be borrowed

As you can see from the disadvantages, a loan can also be a vicious circle. Because if you are already in a financial emergency situation, it is not necessarily better by the schufalosen credit, because the interest rates and conditions are significantly worse than with a normal loan. In view of this, a schufaless loan is an interesting option only in exceptional cases.


A loan without Schufa unfortunately has many risks that you should not underestimate. Therefore, use the loan comparisons, so that you can see the differences in interest rates on the one hand, and on the other hand, you also have an accurate overview here, which providers work with which banks. With loans without Schufa this is often not so clear.

If possible, you should always take out a normal loan to avoid these risks and thus the risk of dubious providers is much lower. Because no matter how you turn it, the risks of a credit without Schufa outweigh the benefits.

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