Free spirits challenge and necessity in an adapted society

Free souls go their own way, their will is reflected in their face. You do not allow yourself to be confined by social conventions.

Free spirits: a challenge and a necessity in a conformist society

Being a free spirit is a challenge. Because we live in the middle of a society that wants to squeeze us into patterns and conventions. There is something heroic, perhaps even eccentric, about free-thinking personalities. We imagine nature-loving people who live in an RV, wear boho clothes and travel the world. However, there are many free spirits who are not nomads – neighbors who enrich our society daily.

Free spirits live by their own ideals and let their hearts guide them. They do not allow themselves to be captured by patterns, scenarios or dynamics that do not correspond to their own values and ideas. They live in their own comfort zone and call their values home – this is their most important characteristic.

Free spirits are not influenced by society in their decisions. This can be difficult, but only free souls are able to transcend conventions and live their lives on their own terms.

Free spirits in our society

Friedrich Nietzsche was himself a free spirit as defined by him: In his book Beyond Good and Evil, he defines a freethinker as a person who places his or her own criteria above the interplay of social demands and reinforcers. She thinks for herself and takes responsibility for her decisions so that she feels good about herself and can serve as a role model for others.

The fact that we reserve our judgment from the prevailing thoughts grants us true freedom; for without freedom of thought it also becomes difficult to act freely. But it's not just perceived freedom we get: psychological well-being benefits, too.

For just imagine how many fears you could get rid of if you were not guided by external pressures. Imagine what it would be like not to depend on expectations and social conventions – how would that feel? Probably relieving. Perhaps even liberating.

But such a lifestyle also requires a lot of perseverance and strength. Because being a free spirit is an act of rebellion in a world that tries to restrain and condition us. It's true that everyday things like paying a mortgage, utility bill or other expenses and meeting deadlines are necessary constraints of a society. But they also provoke a lot of stress. Free spirits, on the other hand, try to avoid these and other traditional dynamics – and accept their otherness in return. They swim against the tide, but their approach is thoughtful, profound and sensible.

Solitude as a safe and secure space

People who value freedom appreciate solitude because it offers them a second home, a safe space where they can recharge their batteries and listen to themselves. The world is a very noisy, contradictory and often chaotic place. Free souls need a chosen solitude to find meaning in their lives, but also to exercise psychological distance.

This oasis of calm is the indispensable daily space for reflection, to connect with its true essence.

The constant search for meaning and depth

If there's one thing these personalities abhor, it's superficial behavior. When they have a conversation with someone, they talk about philosophical, existential and deep psychological and emotional issues. Free spirits abhor small talk and empty people who only blindly imitate others and do not activate their own thinking.

The most important thing for them: finding meaning and transcendence in every lived moment.

Dynamism, open-mindedness and diverse passions

We often experience a certain rejection of those who change their mind from one day to the next. But free spirits have the distinct ability to rethink their beliefs and change their ideas. And this is undoubtedly useful. Because learning, unlearning and rethinking ideas and beliefs is fundamental to personal growth, as this cognitive flexibility opens up new perspectives and possibilities.

Free souls swim against the current and therefore often encounter resistance. It's not easy in a society that favors like-minded people.

Free spirits know they don't fit into today's society

Free spirits don't adapt to conventional social structures. They do not pursue a single vocation their entire lives, disagree with common political ideologies, and often do not understand the modern world, which is currently so dominated by social networks and immediacy.

They are aware that they do not fit into today's society and that this often causes more problems than benefits. Still, they don't give up because their ideals are their home and freedom is their daily fuel.

Hunter College philosophy professor Christa Davis Acampora demonstrated this earlier in a study. The concept of the free spirit has positive aspects, but it is also complex, which reveals the uniqueness of such a personality.

Free spirits don't hold on to material things

Many cling to a house, a room, a place, or even a set of objects. This often leads to suffering because we never have enough and sacrifice our lives to gain material goods. We forget that emotions, affection and relationships are much more important – even if you can't hold on to them. Free souls choose their ideals, dreams and values instead of holding on to material things. Independence requires the courage to put down roots and at the same time movement, the power of change, the healthy distance that does not overly adhere to certain realities.

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