Incentivizing sustainable heating

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A new heating system is a big investment. Subsidy opportunities and tax breaks help make energy-efficient renovations attractive. For the whole thing to be a success, choosing the right heating installer is also crucial.

The federal government, cantons, individual municipalities and in some cases electricity companies provide subsidies for energy-efficient heating systems as well as the use of renewable energies. As a financial incentive, they should help to achieve the goals of the Energy Strategy 2050. However, it is often difficult for homeowners to find their way around, as the number of programs is remarkably large and their scope varies depending on location. In general, however, the following applies: The application for funding must be submitted together with the necessary documents before the start of a project.

The building program
The federal and cantonal building program www.the building is an important pillar of Swiss energy and climate policy. It is financed through partially earmarked funds from the CO2 tax and from subsidies from the cantons. It supports measures to reduce the energy consumption or CO2 emissions of properties. The cantons are responsible for implementing the building program. Basically, the installation of a heating system with renewable energy sources is primarily supported.

Using renewable energies
Heat pumps harness the heat stored in the earth, water or air They produce up to four times more useful heat than they consume in electricity. Many cantons provide financial support for the replacement of heating systems with heat pumps. This is usually conditional on certification of the unit in accordance with the heat pump system module (www.wp system In most cantons, financial incentives are also available for the installation of wood-fired heating systems – provided the heating system has the Holzenergie Schweiz quality seal or an equivalent label. If there is a connection to a heating network, the heat purchased must mainly come from renewable energies or waste heat – for example, from waste incineration and industrial plants or from biomass and wood-fired power plants. The installation of heat pumps, wood heating systems or connections to a heating network is usually subsidized if the systems are used as the main heating system and replace a fuel oil, natural gas or electric heating system. Some cantons also subsidize solar thermal systems or a certain percentage of collector output. Solar collectors can cover around 70% of a household's total hot water needs on average over the year and also support the heating system.

Tax relief
Maintenance costs are deductible from taxable income, while investment costs are generally not deductible. Exceptions are investments in existing buildings in systems for the use of renewable energies and in certain energy-saving measures. For direct federal tax, the following renewable energy sources are eligible for deductions: Solar energy, ambient heat usable with or without heat pumps, and biomass (incl. wood or biogas). In the case of cantonal taxes, a deduction is only possible in the case of the replacement of obsolete components as well as the first-time installation of new components.

Whereas previously tax deductions could only be claimed in the year of renovation, since the beginning of 2020 the period has been extended to the two subsequent tax periods. It may be worthwhile to contact the tax authorities before taking any renovation measures. In addition, many banks grant mortgages at attractive conditions for energy-efficient renovations.

In good hands with experts
The experts at KlimaWelten help homeowners choose a heating solution and provide an overview of subsidy programs. The competent advice of a specialist pays off in several ways. It knows the regional conditions and can support the building owner in submitting applications and application forms. Those who inform themselves comprehensively about subsidies, plan their system carefully and have it installed by experts create optimal conditions for a sustainable solution.

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