Reasons you should consider buying a mobile home

Buying mobile homes

If you're looking for a property to buy, there's more than just a house-built home to choose from. Some people don't mean to include mobile homes in their search, but these properties offer the style and space you need for less money.

These houses are completely built in a factory and moved to a fixed location after construction. Unfortunately, mobile homes are sometimes misrepresented due to negative stereotypes. Some people don't realize that modern, newer mobile homes are not the typical caravan or camper from the 1970s. These are high quality homes that allow locally built homes to get their money's worth.


Depending on where you live, buying a property can cost a pretty good amount of money. The more you spend on a home, the higher your mortgage payment will be. And if part of your income is used for housing, the budget may be little for other things.

Mobile homes offer the best of both worlds. You can purchase a quality home with the features you need while making the most of your dollar. These homes are available at prices that are between 10% and 20% lower than a comparable home.

Speed of construction

If given the choice, some people would choose new construction any day. Unfortunately, things don't move that fast when it comes to construction. The builder or developer gives a completion date, but it is only an estimate.

Weather conditions and site issues can slow the process and add weeks or months to construction time. Because mobile homes are prefabricated and built in a controlled environment, construction is not affected by the elements. Materials are protected from the elements and theft, resulting in a smoother process. With a manufactured home, factory construction is completed in about four to five weeks, and in most cases it only takes a day to move the home to your location. In contrast, site-built homes can take two to three months to build.

It's customizable

One misconception about mobile homes is that these properties share similar designs and layouts. Modern mobile homes give buyers the ability to customize the property to their specifications.

Whether you're buying a newly built mobile home or a resale mobile home, you can find properties with two, three or four bedrooms. In the case of a new property, there is even the possibility of customizing the interior space. Between your choice of floor plans and amenities, you can find exactly what you're looking for in a home.

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