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"ABS is our bank because it believed in us from the start-up phase, because it supports sustainable and innovative projects, and because it sees itself first and foremost as a service provider."

Martin Lassner, Member of the Board, Karthago Genossenschaft, Zurich

Public housing for all segments of the population is a need in Switzerland, especially in metropolitan areas. ABS has been committed to such housing projects since its inception. We also support unconventional forms of living, participatory and autonomous living as well as housing at particularly fair prices.

We advise and finance housing cooperatives and companies that enable social housing and new forms of housing, in new construction and renovation, refurbishment and leasing/maintenance: from small, self-managed cooperatives to large, professionally managed housing developers or companies with a socially oriented housing project, we have a wide variety of customers. We advise them on new loans or the redemption of existing loans.

In the investment area, we make investments on behalf of our customers in projects and companies that make social and cooperative housing possible – also abroad. To ensure that social housing can be financed in the best possible way, ABS cooperates with partners such as "Wohnbaugenossenschaften Schweiz", Verband der gemeinnutzigen Wohnbautrager, Hypothekenkarburgschaftsgenossenschaft HBG, Casafair, ecoquartier and Netzwerk Haushalterische Bodennutzung.

Our consulting team is familiar with the challenges and opportunities of cooperative and non-profit housing projects, especially when it comes to issues such as dense construction, eco-efficient and environmentally healthy building materials, and buildings with a high level of energy efficiency. We know how to balance the social, ecological and economic goals of a housing project. Our advisors are also familiar with the legal framework for the promotion of affordable housing (Housing Promotion Act).

Social and cooperative housing and construction projects are among the areas that ABS wants to promote. We will be happy to check whether and to what extent subsidized loans are available at more attractive conditions.

In our credit portraits, you will find examples of social and cooperative housing and construction projects that ABS has financed in the section "Forward-looking living and working.

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