Term life insurance simplified health questions for young parents

Term life insurance is one of the most important insurances of all, but it is indispensable especially for young parents. Because the only reliable financial protection for surviving dependents in the event of a parent's death is in the form of term life insurance.

Baby in a basket, special offer for young parents when taking out term life insurance

Special offer for young parents interested in term life insurance: Up to 6 months after the birth of the child, the health questions only have to be answered in a simplified form.

The term and sum insured are the most important factors in term life insurance

Particularly important in term life insurance to cover the whole family are the term and the particular sum insured. For both, loans or other charges to be repaid should also be considered. The respective sum insured should therefore not be calculated too low and the term of the term life insurance not too short. In addition, the difference between gross and net insurance premiums must be taken into account to mitigate the risk of premium increases.

Special promotions allow simplified health questions

If you are looking for a suitable one, you will inevitably also be confronted with the health questions that have to be answered before each contract is concluded as part of the health examination. In some cases, however, this process can be simplified. These include:

  • the conclusion of a mortgage loan for the construction or purchase of a property
  • the conclusion of a mortgage loan for the establishment or. Taking over a medical practice
  • The birth of a natural child

For these special cases, Allianz, for example, offers a term life insurance with simplified health questions. The simplified health questions can be used in the process six months after the birth of the child. The question so feared by many after the BMI by means of inquiry of height and weight is not void however.

The simplified health issues in detail

Below are the simplified health questions with exact wording:

Do you suffer or have suffered from cancer or coronary heart disease or bronchial asthma or diabetes mellitus or any other chronic disease?

Have you been unable to perform your job for more than 4 weeks in the last 2 years due to health reasons and have you therefore been on sick leave??

In the last 5 years, have applications for term life insurance been accepted or rejected on more difficult terms?

Are you receiving, drawing, or applying for a benefit from an occupational disability or other disability insurance policy (such as disability or basic disability insurance) in the last 5 years?

Furthermore, height and weight are queried. Also data to risky hobbies and sporty and vocational activities must be made.

Be sure to answer health questions truthfully

Although the simplified health questions are quite straightforward, they must be answered conscientiously and truthfully. This is how you should know exactly about your health status. Therefore, make sure that you understand every part of the health questions and, if in doubt, don't be afraid to ask your health insurance company or doctor for the detailed meaning of certain phrases (such as 'chronic illness'). Because even unknowingly giving incorrect answers can lead to jeopardizing term life insurance coverage. By the way: If one of the statements quoted above applies to you, you will not be entitled to the simplified health questions as part of the special offer.

Conditions of the special promotion for young parents

Of course, there are also certain requirements and conditions for this special promotion. In addition to the quite usual period of 6 months after the birth of the child, in which the insurance must be concluded, the maximum insurance term of 25 years must be named. A period, therefore, that allows survivors to provide for themselves or. to set up your own household. So, until your child is 25 years old, the coverage would be in any case.

To consider is however the height of the death protection. This amounts to a maximum of 75.000 euros. If, for understandable reasons, this amount seems too low, there are of course other rates available, but then without the simplified health questions. In addition, the special offer only applies if the insured is 40 years old or younger.

Because of the amount of coverage, taking advantage of the special promotion with simplified health questions should be considered on an individual basis. As an argument for this tariff of the DLVAG are to be seen in any case the favorable and above all transparent contributions.

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