What retirees with part-time jobs need to know

2020 is all different – because of Corona, retirees will be allowed to earn up to an additional 44,590 euros without being counted against them. What else retirees with a part-time job should consider and what the current situation looks like for retirees willing to work.

Working in old age – a necessity for many retirees to make ends meet. Until now, those who retired before the standard retirement age were only allowed to earn a maximum of 6300 euros per year without having their pension reduced. Anything over and above this is counted towards the pension at a rate of 40 percent. This exemption limit was lifted by Article 4 of the social protection package (Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs). In 2020, early retirees can earn 44,590 euros in addition to their pension for the year 2020.

Supplementing your pension with a side job

That should please the 1.5 million retirees – that's how many have a side job, according to statistics from the Federal Ministry of Labor. Main motive for a part-time job: Mostly they need the money, because more and more do not manage with their pension. The number of seniors who are considered poor has increased significantly since 2010. A loan for pensioners is often difficult to obtain, as banks tend to be reluctant to lend to people without a fixed income.

However, there are other motivations for people in old age to take on a part-time job: While some retirees take a job to socialize, others want to stay active and make good use of the free time that is now plentiful.

Which industries are looking for retirees in the first place? Which job is suitable for retirees?


1. Courier

Pharmacies, restaurants, mail-order companies and other delivery services are always looking for couriers and delivery staff. In this sector, pensioners are often hired because they are reliable and flexible in terms of time. If you are physically fit, you can do this job on foot or on a bicycle – a good way to stay fit. Those who can demonstrate driving experience have a clear advantage. A driver's license is often indispensable. Ten euros per hour is common, sometimes even more.

2. Work with children

Many parents are busy during the day and therefore looking for a trustworthy person to take care of their children. Anyone who enjoys working with children could take on the role of "surrogate daddy" or "surrogate granny. But education is not the only occupation; other talents are also in demand. Why not give private lessons? Creativity is in demand.

3. Gatekeepers& Telephone operator

The activities as a courier or the work with children can be exhausting and not suitable for everyone. For those who like things a little quieter, employment as a doorman or a telephone operator is an option. Gatekeepers spend most of their time sitting at the entrance to a building, keeping an eye on who enters and leaves the building. Opening and closing doors and keeping or issuing keys are also part of the daily routine – all in all, a fairly quiet and relaxed job. As a telephone operator, you can work in a call center – thanks to the Internet, you can usually work from home.

4. Salespersons

Supermarkets and stores are always looking for temporary help – and are happy to hire retirees. But supermarkets aren't the only places to consider for a sales job – how about as a salesperson at:

  • Cinema, film& Theater
  • Gas stations
  • Bookstores
  • Bakeries

or generally in retail and many other businesses. Simply ask around for possible open positions.

5. Caretaker& Domestic help

This is again a job that is rather physically demanding. Many people are looking for help around the house – cleaning, ironing, tidying up or even gardening. If you don't have a problem with being physically active and want to stay fit, this might be for you. Alternative janitors: they handle cleaning and maintenance tasks or act as a point of contact for tradespeople.

6. Online portals

A number of online portals can be found on the Internet that arrange jobs for retirees – or give them the opportunity to create a profile and offer their own services. Sometimes it is enough to simply type in "jobs for retirees" on Google. In addition, you can find a job exchange for seniors and retirees on the German Seniors Portal as well as on the Gelegenheitsjobs portal. Worth a look.

Whether it's a salesperson, tutor, doorman or other employment – people over 60 are also in demand. Those who seek usually find. In addition to the German Seniors Portal, the online comparison portal Financer also provides numerous savings tips and ways seniors could make money.

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